Interface With God

A new contributor has gracefully shared his thoughts on God, Man and the fiery struggle between the two known as Deathspell Omega. The result has been baptized “Interface With God” and is to be found in our new Articles section. Blessed be.


The Gnostic Impulse

“Reflections on Death, Liberation & Selim Lemouchi” is the title of a new article that’s been gracefully written for our site. The author tackles an array of existential and spiritual problems with great intelligence and masterful wording. An exciting and thought-provoking piece that we’re very proud to share with you, our readers.


Walking the Left-Hand Path has taught me that things seldom are what they seem and that rigorous investigation is everything. I’m therefore proud to present you with the first ever contribution to our Meditations section entitled “What is Black Magic?”. It has been written and submitted by HK who has both agreed share his profound insights and co-edit the magazine; a tremendous blessing for which I’m eternally grateful. I pray that his words will inspire you, our readers, to think, contemplate and move forward with your own magical work.